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Pinnacle has been in business since 1998.  They are known for operating on extremely thin margins, meaning they don’t advertise due to costs and they pass the savings on by consistently offering the highest paying odds.  Pinnacle generally offers betting on the largest matches like ICC, Indian Premier League and the Ashes.   Read the Pinnacle Sports cricket review here.

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Cricket Betting in Hong Kong Dollars (HKD)

Hong Kong has been part of the International Cricket Council since 1969 and was represented for the first time in international competition in 1866.  With the obvious UK heritage, cricket still holds an important place for many of Hong Kong’s 9 million people.  Pinnacle Sports listed below is the only sportsbook that also supposts Hong Kong-based bettor registration.  The rest accept HKD, but only as a currency and will not register Hong Kong residents.

If you have access to funding sources based in the Hong Kong Dollar and wish to bet on cricket it makes so much sense to bet in HKD so that you can save on currency exchange charges that you would incur by playing in another currency like the Pound, Euro or US Dollar.  These charges can be significant and will occur every time you deposit or withdraw your funds and will apply equally whether you are betting modest sums just for fun, or if you intend to bet much larger amounts as a serious bettor.  The good news is that you have several great options that satisfy your need for great cricket betting and the ability to play in the HKD.

Technically speaking, for a Hong Kong resident, or anyone that wishes to bet from within Hong Kong, the only legal place to bet is with the Hong Kong Jockey Club.  However, this monopoly is very difficult to police as so many international online sportsbooks have decided that they will accept players from Hong Kong and provide betting accounts in Hong Kong Dollars.  Below are four excellent choices that have different options.

Sportsbooks with the Best Hong Kong Dollar Cricket Betting