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Best Cricket Betting by Currency

Cricket betting by currency is an important issue which you should evaluate before selecting a sportsbook.  When an online sportsbook allows you to deposit, bet and withdraw all in your native currency, or a currency with which you already carry a balance at a bank or e-wallet service, you will avoid the fees and issues related to currency exchange.  

Currency exchange fees can be significant and are rarely transparent.  You can lose up to 5% of the value of the exchanged amount during the transaction.  The exchange house (whomever actually make the exchange be it a bank, e-wallet, Paypal, etc) will show you your posted rate of exchange.  This is the rate that you paid to buy the new currency amount.  What the exchange house won’t show you is the markup they charge from the day’s best rate of exchange.  Below I provide links to the pages I have dedicated to the available currencies with which you may bet.  Not every sportsbook offers wagering in each currency, but every currency below is serviced by great options for cricket betting and a premier wagering experience.

Australian Dollar Cricket Betting

The Australian Dollar is a widely accepted currency by top international sportsbooks.  However, Australian legislation has determined that Australians must play with Australian licensed sportsbooks.  There are actually sportsbooks that allow people to play with an Australian Dollar balance but are not based in Australia.  I show you which top sportsbooks both accept Australian registrants and allow play in Australian Dollars.

British Pound Cricket Betting

As Britain is the world’s most developed sports betting market, the pound is the most accepted currency.  Thus if you are looking to bet in the pound, you will have your free choice of every major sportsbook.  I show you which of these offer the best cricket betting offerings.

Canadian Dollar Cricket Betting

There is no shortage of sportsbooks that accept Canadian Dollars directly.  In fact, all of the top overall cricket sportsbooks accept this currency plus several that specialize in the Canadian market.  Thus if you are Canadian, you will be able to select the cricket betting option that matches your needs and preferences, catering to exactly the manner in which you’d like to proceed with regard to banking choices.

Euro Cricket Betting

If you find yourself somewhere across continental Europe or elsewhere and hope to use the Euro to fund your sportsbook account to bet on cricket, you have no shortage of options as nearly every major sportsbook accepts Euros.  I show you which of these also offer the best cricket betting offerings.

Indian Rupee Cricket Betting

The largest cricket audience is likely found in India.  As India’s economy is growing at a rapid rate, more companies are beginning to offer betting accounts in Indian Rupees with banking methods that are simple to access.  Although there are laws prohibiting certain types of gambling in India, they are generally believed to pertain to certain public venues as opposed to online betting in the privacy of one’s home.

New Zealand Dollar Cricket Betting

Although New Zealand is an extremely small market there is an option to bet in New Zealand Dollars.  Your choice is very limited but the option offered is arguably the best overall sportsbook for cricket betting purposes, so you’re in luck.

South African Rand Cricket Betting

Several of the top cricket betting services offer South African Rand betting accounts. If you are located in South Africa or anywhere in the world and hold a balance in the Rand, you will be able to wager on cricket with some of the most reputable sportsbooks in the World with unsurpassed cricket options.

Looking to bet on cricket in a more obscure currency?

If you want to bet on cricket online, but your currency of interest is not listed above, you might want to check out the authority on this issue at Bookmaker Currencies.

Unbiased Listings & Research

Sports betting review sites often try to list every service that they have researched.  Really, they are just trying to trade on a brand name, hoping you’ll recognize a name or logo and click through to start playing.  Not here.

If a sportsbook service doesn’t measure up to my standards they do not get into my list.  I examine each service with regard to their reputation, track record of fair practise, timely payouts, the number of banking methods offered, use of secure technology, use of advanced technology for mobile and live betting.  

Above all of this, I want to make sure the sportsbook pays proper attention to cricket as other sports tend get far more.  Cricket fans want to be able to logon and find that the next big match is on the board so they can place their bet.  Each listed site ensures that this is possible for their players.

About my list order

I don’t rank my listed sportsbooks in order of preference.  They are in no particular order.  I would be extremely comfortable registering and betting on cricket with any of these companies, but there are differences in their offerings.  

Read the brief summaries, browse by country, by currency and read the reviews to see what is right for you.  I also provide some helpful articles under the ‘more resources’ header in the navigation bar to give you some direction if you’re not sure how to get started.  

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