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Cricket Betting in Indian Rupees

The most important issues to consider when choosing a sportsbook for cricket betting are A) am I selecting a reputable and trustworthy company, and B) do they offer the kind of cricket betting options that I’m looking for?   Every site that I list meets my requirements in these areas.  The next most important aspect for people to consider is the currency with which they hope to use for their online sportsbook account, in this case Indian Rupee cricket betting.

Ideally the currency you set for your sportsbook account is the same as your native currency or at least the currency available for your potential funding source like a bank account, e-wallet or credit card.  If you can use your sportsbook account without having to exchange currencies, you will be able to save potentially in two ways.  

Firstly, every time you exchange currencies, you will pay a marked up rate to whomever makes the exchange be it your bank, credit card company or e-wallet solution provider.  This fee can be as high as 5% of the value of the amount exchanged whether this is your deposit or the withdrawal of your winnings.  You will be shown your rate of exchange, but you will never see how much the exchange house marked up the rate from what they paid for the new currency amount.

Secondly, when you have to deal with a secondary currency in your sportsbook account, you will be vulnerable to potential fluctuations in the value of the two currencies.  If you exchange Indian Rupees to US dollars, build a nice amount in winnings, but the value of the Rupee rises relative to your initial exchange value, your US Dollar sportsbook balance will not buy as many Rupees when you exchange back.  Finding a top Indian Rupee betting site is thus key when looking to bet on cricket from India.  In an ideal world, if you hold a bank account or other funding source in Indian Rupees, whether you are in India or another country, it is best if you select a sportsbook that accepts the INR directly for betting so you can avoid the potential losses due to fees and fluctuations.  Luckily several of the best names in betting offer such a service to you and these are the five sites listed below: they all offer top-notch Indian Rupee cricket betting.  

If you want to bet on every aspect of a cricket match, beyond simply the match result on things like the top batsman, most sixes and so on, you want to have access to side bets, also known as prop betting, (short for proposition). These five sites give you this ability plus the ability to bet IPL matches, English County Cricket matches and just about any international cricket competition.

The best Indian Rupee Online Cricket Betting Sites

Funding an online cricket betting account with rupees from India?

It’s very easy to fund your sportsbook account or withdraw your winnings.  The fastest methods are e-wallet solutions like EcoPayz, Skrill or Neteller.  These let you link a bank account or credit card to quickly and easily make deposits or receive withdrawals in a manner that is more private than paying directly with bank transfers or credit cards.  These e-wallets are located offshore and are not gambling sites.  So if you would like to ensure that your locally recorded transaction are not made directly to the betting company, these e-wallets provide an intermediary layer and heightened privacy.  

These companies also provide simple mobile solutions if you expect to do most of your betting interaction from your smartphone.  You may of course also use credit cards, debit cards, prepaid card solutions like Entropay or even bank wire transfers.  I’ve developed a page about banking methods and how they work.  If you’d like to see the methods accepted by each sportsbook, simply click to read their respective reviews.

If you want to bet directly in Indian Rupees, the easiest way to bank with them is to register with Skrill or Neteller, depending on the sportsbook.  These e-wallets offer you balances in the INR, so you will be able to always transact in your native currency - funding source to e-wallet to sportsbook and back again with no currency exchange issues.  Like cricket wagering should be.

Indian Rupee Bonuses for Online Cricket Betting