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Best Cricket Betting in the Middle East

Cricket is growing fast in the Middle East, also known as the Gulf Region.  In 2023, the UAE actually started their own T20 cricket league, which consists of six clubs.  The upper level salary cap for top players in the “International League” is significant, which has attracted some big-time players.  The growing popularity of the sport in the Gulf region is no surprise given the number South Asian ex-patriots that have moved to countries like Saudi Arabia, Qatar, the UAE and Kuwait to take up various construction job roles and other positions.  With the growth of cricket in the region, and an influx of interested general cricket fans to the area, there of course follows an interest to be able to make cricket-related bets.  

However, from an outward perspective, gambling is not allowed in these countries, given their rooting in Islam.  However, online cricket betting is an option that is available and found to be more tolerable as it can be done in a more discreet fashion.  However, not all reputable international betting sites serve people that live in this region of the world.  In general, the sites below provide great cricket betting options for people that live in the Gulf Region.  However, if you prefer to read about the situation for the particular country that applies to your situation, find resources for UAE betting sites as well as those for Kuwait, Qatar, Oman and Saudi Arabia.

Why these online bookies for cricket betting in the Gulf Region?

Firstly, they generally serve almost all of the nations in the region, with one or two exceptions for a brand like Unibet.  The others generally serve all of the applicable nations of interest in the regions.

Secondly, they all offer superior coverage, platforms and odds on all the cricket events upon which you wish to wager.

Bet responsibly and good luck!

Best online cricket betting sites for bettors in the Middle East

BetVictor is a tremendous name in cricket wagering.  Known mainly for high paying football odds, BetVictor also offers quality odds and prop bet options for cricket fans.  While focused on the UK market, they also support players from several other countries with accounts in numerous other currencies.  Read BetVictor cricket review.

Unibet, headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, serve over 16 million customers. Established in 1997, they offer cricket match odds on every imaginable competition plus team & player prop betting should you choose to get right into each match.  Unibet offers many betting account currencies & a bonus offer.  Read Unibet cricket review.

Betway serves over 2 million account holders world-wide and offer a beautiful interface with an excellent mobile platform & an early cash out feature.  Betway offers solid cricket betting in terms of their available betting markets & league coverage.  Long-time sponsor of West Ham United FC in the English Premier League.  Read Betway cricket review.

Go! Go! Go! Go! Go!

bet365 covers cricket comprehensively in terms of the number of available leagues & betting markets. They have the most intuitive interfaces for mobile & desktop as they constantly innovate with the most advanced features for bettors.  Lots of banking methods are available for cricket bettors around the world.  Read bet365 cricket review.

10Bet has become a leading online betting brand.  Established in 2003, they offer a bonus, solid cricket odds, a fast & intuitive betting platforms and numerous banking methods.  Their focus on live betting along with their ‘fast-markets’ ensures you can enjoy betting while watching the match. A great cricket betting option.  Read 10Bet cricket review.