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Best Cricket Prop Betting

If you are interested in wagering on more than match results, you may want to consider what level of prop betting is available with the sportsbook you’d like to select.  Prop bets can also be called side bets, ‘other markets’, totals, futures or refer to ‘players’ when dealing with cricket.  I’ve made reference throughout the site to the sites with extensive prop betting.   I list each of those sites here, and their prop bets so that you see exactly what kind of enjoyment they might bring to you.  Please note that I’ve tried to use the terminology used by each respective site, thus you may see different terminology for what is essentially same wager. (E.g. Half-century as opposed to Fifty)

I don’t make much mention here about the countries or currencies that these sites best serve for their customers.  So my best advice is to combine the information here on this page with the information I have provided about the best cricket betting by currency and by country or any other applicable information to your situation.

Remember, the order of my listings on this page is alphabetical, not a ranking of my preference.  I don’t prefer one sportsbook over the other.  These sites are all extremely reputable.  My goal is to provide you with the information you need so that you can make your own decision about which one(s) to select for your own needs.  

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